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2018 & 2019 

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Son of sneakers

Paris 2020

La plus grosse chaussure en carton d'Eur
Un énorme merci à _sonofsneakers pour m'
Pas à pas on peut faire de grandes chose


Sneakertopia is a limited engagement sneaker exhibition inside a vast space featuring dozens of the rarest kicks and dozens of towering streetart masterpieces. You’ve never seen sneakers shown like this before.

Witness the sneaker’s epic ascension through sports, music, film, fashion, and fantasy, and a unique collection of grails, deadstock and rare kicks at Sneakertopia.

It’s one part pop art gallery, one part insanely huge sneaker closet, all parts jaw-dropping.

When you get here, don‘t be surprised to see some serious heat on the feet of other guests. Don‘t be surprised if someone asks you where or how you got yours.

Leave dull routine conformity in the dust. This is the story of the sneaker. This is Sneakertopia. 

Giant Adidas Superstar for _gosneakertop
Few weeks ago I create this giant Adidas
Thank you so much _gosneakertopia for th
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